I’ve been thinking that 2019 started off as year of self-love and self-care for me. I always had this idea that if I want my kids and family to be ok because I’m taking care of them, first I need to be the one I should be taking care of. If I’m doing good then I can also take care of other and help them feel goo as well.

One of the many things I’m doing to take care of myself is focusing on skin care and makeup. Why? Well first because let’s be honest, I’m not getting any younger and it’s always important to take care of the body – that is a lot of skin to take care of ok! Second, for me makeup is a way of emphazising beauty – we are beautiful with or without makeup, we don’t need it to be beautiful since we already are! Makeup helps us highlight our natural beauty. It truly brings out my creative side and with makeup there is no limit!

Again, makeup doesn’t make us pretty – it helps us look prettier. It can help boost our confidence, make us look refreshed when we need to hide a late night out (yes, it happens!) or just like I said before, make us look prettier just because. So while I dedicated most of my Saturday to my oldest son, I also picked up some pretty things.

I bought the Milani foundation a couple of weeks ago but since it’s drugstore I thought I might as well include it here. So this is what I got:

  • Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation (I have the shade LN3 which to my surprise was a perfect match).
  • NYX Eyeshadow base in the shade 03
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 605 Strawberry Milk and 632 Peacock
  • NYX Eye Pencil in Velvet
  • NYX Slide on, Glide on, Stay on & definitely a turn on waterproof extreme shine eye liner in Jewel – yes, that’s the real name!
  • Maybelline Master Drama Khol liner in Ultra Black
  • Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner in Blackest Black
  • Elf lipscrub in Brown Sugar

Besides shopping, here is what I did: My son had an activity at our church Saturday morning so while he was there I went to the hair salon to get a much needed haircut. I picked him up at 12:30pm but we were already starving! I told him he could pick out any place he wanted to go eat and he picked Denny’s. He was craving their cheeseburgers, they are his favorites and who am I to deny him of those? Besides, I love eating burgers at Denny’s too. LOL! While we were having lunch he thought we could catch a movie and since we had nothing else planned, we bought tickets.

The movie he picked was The Lego Movie 2 and yes, everything is awesome! As expected, it was so funny. I love the Lego Movies and this one is no exception. We didn’t get any popcorn because we were still full from lunch but we stopped for ice cream after the movie. It was fun to spend the day just with him. It gave us a chance to talk, play games, enjoy each other’s company and have a nice mom and son quality time.

Sunday I didn’t do much, I stayed home and read a lot – I always have a lot of books I need to read so days like this help me catch up on my reading. So in the end it was a fun weekend! Today I am not sharing any pictures of my kiddo because he decided he didn’t want to take any – sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t and I respect that. So instead, I’m leaving you with some swatches of the eyeliners that I got.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Did you buy anything? Let me know, I would love to read your comments! I hope you have an amazing week and stick around for more of me and my adventures!

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