I have always thought that in order to be able to take care of others I need to take care of myself first. In my case I’m taking care of my family, especially my two boys. And even when I always thought about that, it is very hard to actually do it. So yes, easier said than done for sure. One thing that’s helped me in my self-care and self-love journey is to start looking into what my hobbies are.

While I thought about what things that I enjoy I can do regularly to take care of myself, I found some subscription boxes that I want to share. The first one is Makeup Box. I’ve talked about them in the past and I love them so much. I get a mix of full size and mini or deluxe size products and also they include a product from a local artisan. I love all things beauty and with this box I can try new brands and also get to know local products that I can get here in my country.

April’s Makeup Box

Another one is Goddess Provisions. I love this one because it contains products like superfood snacks, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty, and crystals. I don’t know how to use these to be honest, I’m learning but I love them. They are cruelty-free and vegan. This box helps me to focus on myself. Last month I received a wonderful candle that I light in my office when I need to relax and focus. The forest smell is amazing and I also use the Light Body Creations Earth Goddess Mist. It is a blend of juniper, cedar, cypress, spearmint, cinnamon bark, myrrh, and vetiver essential oils.

The Goddess Provisions box helps me to find new ways that I can take care of myself. Another thing I love is going to the beach. There is something about being there, the sand, the waves, the warm weather, the smells. It’s all together that helps me unwind and re-energize. Whenever I can, I take a trip to the beach or the lake and I make sure I do exactly that: relax and take time to unplug so I can get my “batteries recharged”.

There are so many ways you can take care of yourself and so many different things you can do. I’m not a big sports girl but I try to get my workouts done. But maybe you are and you can use this passion to take care of your body and your mind. It is very important to take care of us especially if we are taking care of others. I always think that if I am happy with myself and the world around me then I can pass on that energy to my sons so they can be happy too.

I wanted to include this picture, not because I like it that much. To be honest, I don’t! But it reminds me of many things that make me happy. So when I look at it I think about that and it helps me as a reminder of the little things in life that matter. Self-love and self-care is becoming more and more important and relevant to me lately and as I go understanding the true meaning of it, I have been rediscovering myself and my passion for life.

How are you taking care of yourself today? What are your favorite things to do that help you take care not only of your body but also your mind? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sharing more later!

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